Lo Fatt Chow Healthy Chinese Cuisine

No Trans Fat, No Grease, No MSG

At Lo-Fatt- Chow Chinese restaurant, we realize that healthy eating is not so easy and can be even more difficult when you and your family wish to dine out. Many families dine out 3-4 times a week because of hectic schedules. Many restaurants unfortunately too often serve a "super-sized" portion, few fresh vegetables, loads of trans/saturated fats, and just way too much sodium. Lo-Fatt-Chow has addressed all of these issues and more because we are consumers too and they are a concern to us as well. Read more...

Welcome to Lo-Fatt-Chow, Lebanon, New Jersey

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At Lo-Fatt-Chow Chinese restaurant, you will find delectable dishes along with their sauces, to be very fresh and light. We do not freeze or pre-cook our dishes. We are not a fast food restaurant and we don't intend to be. We have a "No Grease Allowed" attitude and our customers love us for this policy.
Our vegetables are fresh and crisp, just the way you should expect them with all their natural fibers and nutrients intact. We purchase many of our vegetables from local farmers whom we support.


A Menu Like No Other

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Many of our customers are either trimming their waistlines, watching their blood pressure, or are simply just curious and in the mood for something new. At Lo-Fatt-Chow, we promise you a menu like no other. We offer such dishes as sumptuous homemade dumplings to fat-free farm raised Python. Whatever dish you choose, our stores wish you have only great experiences with us.


Popular Dishes

Crispy Prawns...$12.95
Lightly battered and deep fried shrimp with our chef's special sauce.

Prawns w. Lobster Sauce...$12.95
12 plump prawns in an extra-savoury garlic sauce. Topped with fresh green onions.

Lo-Fatt-Chow Fried Rice...$8.25
Stir-fried with mushrooms, shrimp and chicken.

Menu Highlight

appetizers Appetizers

Asian Spring Roll
Stuffed Peppers
Sesame Noodles

Flack Bean Black Bean


Chef's Choice Chef's Choice

Sesame Chicken
Crispy Prawns
Lemon Chicken

Popular Dishes

Lo Fatt Steamed Lo Fatt Steamed


Kids Korner Kids Korner

Chicken Balls
Chow Dog
Chicken Fried Rice

Tried and True Tried and True

Broccoli Beef
Snow Pea Prawns
Cashew Prawns

Address & Hours

56 Payne Road
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Telephone: (908)735-6060

11:00 am - 9:30 pm, 7 Days A Week

Customer Reviews

My boyfriend and I went there yesterday and absolutely LOVED it. We ordered off the lunch menu, both getting wonton soup, chicken and broccoli, and brown rice. The wonton soup was GREAT. Not to salty, and the wonton's made out of 75% chicken were delightful . rrsals, July 08, 2008